Best to Budget?

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24th November 2017
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8th December 2017
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Best to Budget?


As we at Marden & Co watched the uneventful budget unfold last week, it seemed appropriate for me to look carefully at what that means to our clients and anyone reading this really… answer… not a lot! The best news was the Government abolishing stamp duty for the first time buyer, but not for the buy to let market unfortunately. However that is good news for the bank of mum and dad as well as the younger generation. Of course the change may increase house values, but let’s hope not?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned our mortgage partners at Intelligent Financial Services. With rates still low and some cracking deals on First Time Buyer Mortgages give us a ring and we will get you or your children on the property ladder.


Whether you are a client or not, get in touch today and find out exactly how much help we can be!

Of course securing funding is only part of the process and whilst there are always excellent solicitors, I would always prefer a personal recommendation from another professional body, friend or colleague. So here it is… take a moment to check out Gowen and Stevens, our associate business partners for property conveyancing. They can give you a professional service at competitive rates and are based locally.


Once you’ve completed on your new property, the really exciting part begins. What with all the recent sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday you might think you’ve missed the boat, but fear not… the retail sector is are set for their mid-season sales in December as well as the traditional January bonanza!

So take your pick and click on the logo below and find bargains for your new home:

Thanks for reading! We’d love to have a chat with you to introduce you to our services. Find out how we can save you money and drop us an email via or give us a call on 01737 464 052