Cheer up your finances this Christmas!

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1st December 2017
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15th December 2017
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Cheer up your finances this Christmas!

Earning it…

Running a business its often tough, but I guess the highs outweigh the lows and it’s great having the right people around so that when you need to lean on the experts, you’ve got them to hand.

As Marden & Co has expanded over the last ten years and learnt by talking to our clients, it became clear we wanted to offer more than accountancy (often viewed as a necessary evil of everyday business)!

But as Bernard worked as Financial Director for various companies before setting up Marden & Co, he was ideally placed to know where the bumps in the road would be – his experience working with mortgage brokers, solicitors, will writers, insurance guys means he understood the need for strategic partnerships for Marden & Co.

Bernard also thought it a good idea to partner with Metro Bank so not only do we offer a whole range of services, we are also confident we can introduce you to bank that actually delivers and puts the customer first. Let’s be honest here, who really likes banks?! Most go in the same pot as dentists, estate agents and accountants but in working with us, we are confident that we can dispel your fears!


A few of the many perks are –

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Bank accounts opened same day
  • Drop in service – no appointments necessary

Check them out at

Saving it…

A general word to the wise – firstly I have personally switched providers, whether my mortgage, credit card or utilities and have probably saved a fortune over the years, long before comparison sites made it popular! It’s so easy to take the path of least resistance and think that it’s only a few quid that won’t stack up to much… so why bother?

Well here is why you should; introductory rates are pretty cool, lasting around 12 months they can make a real difference between having a winter holiday or being stuck under grey skies. So look carefully at credit cards, mortgages, loans with special rates etc. They are loss leaders to the providers in the hope that their new customers will be lazy about going elsewhere when the teaser rate comes to end… don’t be lazy!

In the current climate who knows what will happen, and that’s coming from a financial environment! So going back to that word to the wise – check carefully what your expenditure is monthly and ensure you have around 3 months in savings at any one time just in case the tsunami hits as your emergency slush fund. Once your mind-set embraces this, it might be a good idea to save at least 10% of your earnings each month to plump up that safety cushion!

Spending it…

If you are looking for something to do this weekend and are a serious foodie like me, then look what’s on our door step. For those among us that are into cooking, I’ve often referred to the BBC Good Food’s Festive Feast site for inspiration and the recipes are usually easy with great results! When I discovered this I thought it a nice idea to include on our blog, what with the weather forecast looking cold but bright and sunny… put your ‘To Do’ list to one side and enjoy…

As always thanks for reading and remember how much we can help make this a really special Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

If you are interested in having a quick chat about how we can help you give us a call on 01737 464 052 or drop us an email via