Cyber Monday or cyberspace?

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17th November 2017
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1st December 2017
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Cyber Monday or cyberspace?

I love technology, no seriously I really I do!

It’s just at that time when it doesn’t quite work… that’s when I want to throw my laptop out the window or flush the iPad into the nearest loo! But assuming apps download with ease and access doesn’t get denied, it really does make life easier… so let’s look at what’s out there!

I thought this was pretty cool – is a personal finance app that lets you view all your bank accounts whilst splitting your spending into categories so you can see clearly where those funds actually go! Yummy restaurant, groceries or household bills, it’s a great starting point for budgeting.

The same is true for competitor app – you link your accounts to the app using the same information you would normally use to access your bank. What makes it really useful is that if you have more than one account you will no longer need to switch from one app to another! Hoorah!


Similarly the is ‘banging’ according to our kids. It’s pretty much a virtual piggy bank for those cyber pennies (wish I had come up with the idea)! Simply connect your bank account and /or credit card to the app and it will round up the transaction. So for example, if you have bought your flat white coffee for £2.45, it will debit £3 then and (get this!) it will then invest your cash into a stocks and shares ISA! Apparently the average person invests £440 a year without noticing… great idea for the grandchildren…

Cyber Monday

If you are looking for a seriously good deal on techie stuff you might just want to take a look at these sites:

On a more personal level, here at Marden & Co we are delighted to be able to offer additional services to provide added value. This week our highlight is insurance in association with our partners Fenchurch Insurance Brokers.

So if you are paying in excess of £1,000 on home and contents, or paying more than £1,250 on the motor insurance, or haven’t had a full review on your business or home insurance in a while then contact us now via – we’ll be able to help!