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Dont be blown away

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know the rules and fight back for what is yours!

Read some great advise on everyday rights and thought I would share them with you, after all how many of us just get blown away and give up, placing it firmly under the Too hard heading? So with you in mind, here some snippets you may find helpful, when you are about to give up!

We pretty much know if you pay by credit card you’re covered if things don’t match up to your expectations, but what if you have used a debit card, well if like me I immediately thought you’re stuffed we’d both be wrong, because under a scheme called chargeback run by most banks and card providers promises to reverse your payment if something goes awry. This applies to faulty goods and fraudulent transactions or if you buy something and the company goes bust. There are limited though and you need to prove you’ve tried to get your money back by the usual routes, so keep notes of the complaints, & you have only 120 days from becoming aware of the problem to report it to qualify. Even better, while section 75 protects you only for purchases over £100 chargeback applies if you spend less than this

How many of us sign up to the gym, don’t go and then try to cancel it or that great idea of a magazine subscription you get bored to death of after 4 months? Trying to cancel it didn’t work, so you call your bank only to be told there is nothing it can do either. You’ve fallen victim to a type of payment known as recurring transaction, also called a continuous payment authority. they look like direct debits but are very different, instead of taking your bank details, companies take the 16 digit number on your credit or debit card instead.

This allows them to grab as much as they want from your account whenever they like! Sadly permission for this will normally be buried in the smallprint and many customers don’t even know they have signed up for it! So what can we do – NO! don’t file it under the too hard heading, you can point them to the Payment services regulation 2009 which makes it very clear the bank must act in such cases, it states –

The payer may withdraw it’s consent to the execution of a series of payment transactions at any time,

Even better, if you have asked for the payments to stop and they don’t, when the bank does respond they have to refund all the money, well worth having!

And there is little point me blogging about this if I didn’t do it myself, so a quick glance over my bank statement, showed me I had bought a 2 year subscription for a magazine I no longer read, so guess what – yep I’ve cancelled it, took a few minutes and it’s the price of a meal, so I’m off to Bills this weekend in Epsom as they have opened another of those bad boys, money and time well spent, enjoy the weekend and if you fancy a relaxed on trend eatery with cool vibes then try it


Kids would be proud I even know some of these hip words!

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