Earned it? Now spend it!

Earn it & make life sweeter…
27th October 2017
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10th November 2017
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Earned it? Now spend it!

One of our key services is to give our clients real time information on how well their business is doing, it is pointless spending it, when there is a potential liability ahead. With Xero accounting, which will also assist with Making Tax Digital, www.xero.com/uk/making-tax-digital/ , becoming compulsory within the next 2 years, you will be able to see at a glance exactly how your business is performing , so we can lead the way and assist existing & potential clients alike –

So with that in mind, lets spend it…

If you have a family it pretty much disappears in front of your eyes, even when we reach that “certain age” even grandchildren seem to want to explore the bank of Granny and Grandpa, but help is at hand, with some great deals out there –

As a Surrey based firm I have focused on what’s going on around the area and a little beyond –

You may be interested in one of the many firework displays and I can only offer my personal experience of the truly great one, See it all on a river cruise on the Thames

My first choice would have to be www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/bonfire_night_london/

The food isn’t really the first you go for, but it’s plentiful and tasty enough, but the atmosphere and views is truly amazing, tourist & locals alike must be seriously impressed, it really is quite spectacular! Sailing from Westminster Abbey at 6pm on 4th November, the boat positions itself for the perfect view of Battersea firework display and at a cost of £49 for adults and £25 for the kids, it may be a special treat out, but well worth it…


It’s a great day out with a friend, admittedly more for the ladies than the guys, but makes a nice gift and throw in a girlie lunch and you’ve got a perfect place to shop, lunch, chat and buy unusual design lead gifts for both friends and family & to make it just a little sweeter, click on the link and you can get 25% off the tickets… enjoy https://vouchers.dailyselect.co.uk/spirit-of-christmas-discount-code-2017/spiritofchristmasfair/

It wouldn’t be fair, not to offer something for the guys, so how about this? I’ve bought one for my husband and it’s just a nicer/ posher way to get lashed! These guys organize a wine tasting and pretty much bring everything, leaving you the wines to finish off, once the tasting is over, which last a couple of hours. They charge £25 each with a minimum of 10 guest, so it’s a good reason to pull a few pals together, although they don’t suggest spicy food with the wine, so the curry will have to come a little later..

Check it out https://www.wine-discovery.co.uk/about-us/

And a best kept secret from Surbiton Surrey..

I have eaten here a couple of times and in my humble opinion, it’s going to be a moment in time and it’s the owners intention to open another restaurant in Teddington and he really does deserve to do well, but so often owners and especially chef’s spread themselves too thinly, I really hope in this instance I’m wrong, because this is one of the very best I’ve had the pleasure of dining in for a very long time.. my advice is to get there PDQ, if indeed you can get a table –



If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed then get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how to make your money go as far as you do!