Looking for more? We’re leading the evolution of accountancy firms in the digital age

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27th April 2018
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Looking for more? We’re leading the evolution of accountancy firms in the digital age

At Marden & Co, we realise that digital disruption is affecting all industries, including accountancy. Indeed the UK’s leading accountancy software provider IRIS Accountancy Solutions has urged accountants to focus on client experience to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

Client expectations have rightly shifted and to prosper, accountancy practices must reinvigorate the client experience by embracing digital change.

As an example, digital cloud-based accountancy software and mobile applications simplify the customer experience and allow for increased efficiency, transparency and personalisation and should improve service provision and interaction with clients.

Sion Lewis, CEO at IRIS Accountancy Solutions explains, “An infectious attitude towards creating a powerful client experience can lead a practice towards growth and financial success. Accountants must adopt the right strategy, operational best practices and technology to win, serve and retain clients in this environment.”

In addition, a recent Forrester report highlighted just how important integration of digital has a significant impact on how customers interact with brands and suppliers. The report shows 86% of survey respondents said their business had either partially (59%) or entirely (27%) integrated their mobile/digital data.

Marden & Co has long been a leader in evolving the way accountancy services are offered – as a Certified Xero Partner and by offering a free financial management mobile app to download, we have bridged the gap between our service provision and our customers.

You can download the app via our Home page here

To supplement our digital experience we have also taken steps to remove jargon from our service and offer a 3 Step Service Guarantee that includes:

  1. Fixed fee quoted in advance or it’s FREE
  2. Completion on time, or it’s FREE
  3. If you’re unhappy, pay what you think is fair

Marden & Co also offers convenient monthly payment plans, discounted HMRC investigation insurance and a free hassle-free accountant switching service.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of jargon-filled emails, a lack of expediency and transparency with your accounts and would prefer a forward thinking, digital ready firm that puts you first then get in touch on info@mardenandco.co.uk or call us on for a chat on 01737 851761.