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11th June 2014
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Marden & Co’s new App

Hi I’m Bernard Marchant, managing director and certified accountant here at Marden and Co, the “Co” being a team of brilliant professionals that I have the pleasure of working with, along side our team dog, Bert the Beagle, isn’t he great?

Let’s be honest and ask who really wants to talk about accounts? They couldn’t be more dull if they tried, sadly an evil necessity of business, but turn that on it’s head and make it more fun and juicy and we can start to really shape how we look at a traditionally staid industry.

Why is it, very few accountants are proactive?

Why not ask some really pertinent questions? Like –

How you felt you were doing and more importantly where are you going and do you need help in planning your future, really simple stuff, like it’s great reducing the tax bill, but how much would that affect your application for a mortgage, if you looked more carefully at cash flow rather than being swallowed up by “the next sale” perhaps you wouldn’t spend masses of energy worrying about your business & in turn get a greater return on your time, after all, time is a hugely underestimated costly investment

Running my own practise has all the same challenges as your business, so I learnt very early on, to engage the services of experts that can help me, cover my back, and be on my team when I need them most! The right support gives me the continued momentum & sustainability to run my business in the right direction without the stress –

So with that in mind I wanted to offer you the same valuable stuff, whether or not you are our client, you can start to benefit from some seriously cool info, from our powerful little App, it’s pure genius,

You can go to the app store and download it for free and the benefits are just too many to mention, but as a teaser – just click & save on a receipt and no more storing hundred of those little bad boys! It will upload it onto the app and we can grab it for your accounts –

I will give you lots of free information and hope you like what you read and realise we’re not all really boring and dull, well not all of us anyhow!

Posted July 23rd, 2014 and filed under News.