CIS Tradesmen

Accounting for Tradesmen
in Surrey

Specialist Accountants for tradesmen in Sutton, Epsom, Croydon and across Surrey

Are you self employed, in a partnership or limited company based in Surrey?

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The following are the key issues we find dealing with tradesmen in Surrey:

  • Knowing what specific sales and supplier invoices have been paid.
  • Keeping up to date receipts and records.
  • Dealing with deposit payments.
  • Tracking staff and CIS costs.

We look to help tradesmen in Surrey increase their profits by:

  • Keeping sales and direct cost records by type of customer/ job.
  • Regular monthly management reporting.
  • Monitoring and improving cash flow.
  • Reducing tax bill by understanding how the business is operating.

Our approach is governed by the fact that we believe that you are in business to make money.


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