Spashing out in Surrey

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23rd July 2014
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21st August 2014
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Spashing out in Surrey

just back from France – exhausting but beautiful

We were having a fantastic summer but almost on cue, the weather changes and not for the better, the minute the kids break up for the holidays, why is that? Entertaining a family is expensive enough without us having to entertain them 24/7, so as a dad of 4 I know what the summer holidays can feel like. So with that in mind I thought I would give you some information that might ease the financial burden –

If you would like to get away and don’t mind braving the British summer, then stay for less at various places around the UK and go on line to Holiday property owners list their empty weeks with good discounts up for grabs, sometimes up 70% off. The site has doubled it’s listings in the last six months and now added overseas accommodation too, just in case you run out of steam with the umbrella!

Getting there, again if you don’t fancy driving and want to jump on the train, try if you book your train tickets in advance you can save up to 50% compared to buying your tickets at the station on the day. You don’t get stung by card fees and only pay for delivery if you need tickets the next day – pretty good I thought…

And we all have to eat – so try you can find budget eats, check prices and get special dining discounts here. I use bookatable to look for deals on more expensive restaurants and generally save around £15-£20 on a set-menu booking, means I can buy my wife some flowers, especially when I’ve over egged the golf days!

Have a great weekend, no matter where you are and don’t forget to look out for the launch of our fantastic new app on Sept 5th, which will make your life a whole lot easier…

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