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Tips of the week

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If you follow me and Bertie the Dog on twitter, you may have seen we have had a tips week. I am often asked for advice on how to manage accounts, or even how you can manage your accountant! So I thought, why not sum up five of our tips of the week and put them together for you to access with ease.

There are many accountants out there, and I know that for some, this can be daunting. How on earth do you choose the right one for YOUR business? What may work for someone else may not work for you. Nightmare, if I am correct?

Do not fear. Hear are a few and simple questions to ask yourself, and your accountants.

Tip 1: Do not be afraid to ask your accountants questions. If you are unsure of something, or how they have done your accounts, ask them. As strange as we may seem, we are actually human and many don’t bite.

Tip 2: Does your accountant have the right experience? Do they have clients that are in the same sector as you? Can they deal with your unique needs? You are allowed to ask to see our qualifications, just be warned, we may go on about them!

Tip 3: Do they provide advice & strategies to support and protect your business? It isn’t just about sorting out last years books, it’s also about planning for next years and years to come. A great accountant won’t just look at where you’ve been, they will help you with where you want to go.

Tip 4: What added services does your accountant offer? Business health checks? Benchmarking reports? Tax saving strategies?

Tip 5: Are they the right sized business? If you are a small business, the last thing you need is your accounts to be given to the new guy in the corner.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what others are doing, only what YOU are doing and that you are happy. After all, you’re the only one who has to deal with you 24/7!

So there you have it, our 5 tips of the week. Bertie and I are often tweeting tips, so feel free to follow us: @mardenandco

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